Vienna Sounds Cover

Vienna Sounds Cover

The Soundtrack to the Vienna Smartguide Tour!

As long as one can remember, music has had a magical effect on people in Vienna.

Since the medieval times rhythm, style and instruments may have changed, however the sounds and tones of Walther von der Vogelweide, Berg, Händel, Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Strauss, Schoenberg, Fux, Kreisler and many others dance through the lively streets of today´s Vienna.
Enjoy this musical city walk with its step back into the old times.

A modern touch is added by Hans Tschiritsch and his distinctive interpretation of sounds.

Listen to VIENNA SOUNDS and experience how this music – construed in parts as street music played with uncommon and simple instruments – brings enlightenment and colour into daily life.

Fledermaus Walzer - Johann Strauss
Alla Turca - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Radetzkymarsch - Johann Strauss Vater
Kleiner Wiener Marsch - Fritz Kreisler
Eine kleine Nachtmusik - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sonatine (Cut-Out) - Franz Schubert
Donau-Walzer - Johann Strauss