Smartguide Vienna was nominated for the 2012 Austrian Innovation Award in the category of Tourism “cooperation” by the State of Vienna. On 28.12, Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner crowned Smartguide Vienna as a winner. “The Smartguide contributes to its marketable spread by bringing a highly developed product of the latest technology for innovation into Austrian tourism.” – Federal Ministry of Economics, Family and Youth

Smartguide Vienna winner of Innovation Award 2012

Smartguide Vienna winner of Innovation Award 2012










PRESS CONFERENCE, 9.10.2012, Grand Hotel WienSmartguide Vienna – History to go! The first presentation of Smartguide took place on 09.10.2012 in the historic Grand Hotel Wien. The multimedia guide is the latest development of Vienna’s innovative tour guides. In addition to the presentation, the numerous journalists and guests were able to enjoy a musical performance and learn about previously unknown parts of Viennese history as well.

Press conference Smartguide

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SMARTGUIDE VIENNA: enjoy a “guided” tour through the inner city the way you like it!
Dive into an amazing variety of historical information and experience the ultimate multi-media guide to the UNESCO World Heritage Vienna Inner City!
This modern digital device guides you directly from your hotel to 30 of the most interesting sights of the Inner City and offers you a fascinating journey through time: from the Imperial Era to the end of the monarchy; from the First to the Second Republic.
While you are enjoying your personal tour, SmartGuide will provide you with facts, stories, legends and many songs from well known composers, who cemented Vienna´s reputation as the metropolis of music. And the best part is that you can choose what and how much you want to see or hear!

30 Points of interest – GPS navigated
3 hours of infotainment
450 photos and numerous film clips
24 music titles



Kommentare über Smartguide Vienna

Smartguide Vienna Testimonials

“Made our trip to Vienna much more pleasant.” – Guo Min “Wien entdecken hat Spaß gemacht.” – Christopher Liptau











Kommentar zu Smartguide Vienna

Smartguide Vienna Testimonial QinQin

体验科技带来的无限非凡体验。 维也纳SmartGuide带领您在最短的时间进行一次时间穿梭。 带您走进最真实的维也纳,了解维也纳最真实的历史,感受维也纳最平凡的日常生活,聆听维也纳最动听的                   音乐,畅想维也纳最传奇的历史故事…… 维也纳SmartGuide是您游览历史文化名城维也纳最方便、最自主、最明智的选择。 维也纳SmartGuide真诚祝您旅行愉快。- Qinqin









Smartguide Vienna Testimonial Roger Lorenzo Enriquez

Smartguide Vienna Testimonial Roger Lorenzo Enriquez

“El Smartguide me gusta mucho ya que es perfecto para disfrutar la ciudad de Viena de una manera divertida, interactiva  y sobre todo fácil de utilizar.” – Roger













Smartguide Vienna Testimonial Katrin Haderer

Smartguide Vienna Testimonial Katrin Haderer

“Ich liebe es eine Stadt  ohne fixen Zeitplan zu erkunden. Mit dem Smartguide habe ich die Möglichkeit Sehenswürdigkeiten wann ich will und solange ich will zu besuchen, ohne auf eine Gruppe oder Führung Rücksicht nehmen zu müssen.” -Katrin